To know me is to know how much I like shoes...running shoes, that is. Proud to be featured as a #HumansofHOKA on the HOKAONEONE Facebook page.

“In running, it doesn’t really matter whether you are fast or slow, just that you find your fit and keep running. In medical school, there were endless six-hour study sessions. Running breaks allowed me to clear my head and refocus before going back to the books. My love of running even led me to become a podiatrist, specializing in running injuries. Fast-forward 35 years, and I’m still running. It’s my windshield time — a form of meditation where I can solve all of the world’s problems. I run in HOKA because they just feel good. From the very first time I put them on, they’ve made my feet — and everything else — happy. I remember when that first pair came in the mail. It had been a rough week, and a new pair of shoes always brightens my mood. I went for that first run and thought, ‘Oh my god, these feel amazing.’ Pure comfort.”- HOKA fan Dana Plew, Fleet Feet Des Moines. #humansofHOKA#womenwhofly